Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep my confidential records and where are my notes stored?

All our patients' medical notes are kept in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act as required by the Care Quality Commission. This means that we do not share your personal or medical information with any third party (unless you request us to). We do not use your medical data for any analytical purpose. Additionally, our medical reception staff and practitioners handling your information have had special training and are required by law to keep confidential, any information that may come across their desk or that they may be privy to during appointments. All staff members are bound by law not to disclose any patient information outside the clinic and only discuss your treatment with another practitioner with your consent. No copy of printed notes are allowed to be taken off the premises. Our patient notes are stored on an encrypted computer system. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, no personal data is transferred to any country outside the EU and we use no online storage system for backing up data as these would leave it vulnerable to corruption or data theft. Our cloud back up provider does not host their server outside the EU.  We are only able to release your medical notes with your explicit, written permission. In this event you will be required to provide additional proof of identity to enable us to do this. If you would like a copy of your investigation or test results please let us know as they will not automatically be sent to you. 

​All staff at family First GP observe a young people and vulnerable adults policy in line with CQC requirements and in line with these legalities, some of our staff and practitioners are mandatory reporters. This means that they are required by law to notify specific authorities with regard to particular safe guarding issues. Also, in line with GMC legislation, private GPs and consultants are obligated to restrict availability of prescription analgesics and other addictive medications and may be obligated to make further enquiries with pharmacies or other record holders in order to protect patients from harm.

Will my practitioner automatically tell my NHS GP that I have been seen at Family First GP?

No, not unless you ask them to. Our GPs can co-ordinate your care with your NHS GP or any other consultant but will only do so if you would like them to.

Are Family First GP practitioners 'police checked'?


Yes, all our medical practitioners are DBS checked (police/CRB checked) and this extends to all our administrative staff.

Will I need to remove articles of clothing at my appointment?

It is possible that the doctor or other clinician at your appointment will ask you to remove some articles of clothing in order to examine you effectively. We suggest wearing undergarments that you will feel least self conscious in. If this is concerning for you, please ring to discuss the requirements of your practitioner and the possibility of being offered a gown or other solutions. Please also see our Chaperone Policy.


When I pay privately for GP services at Family First GP,

does it take funding away from my NHS GP?

Everyone is entitled to NHS treatment. However, if you choose to attend a consultation with Family First GP, you do not remove funding from any NHS GP service that you are otherwise registered with. 

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