Chaperone Policy

For the protection of both patients and medical practitioners, Family First GP operates a strict chaperone policy. If at any point before or during your treatment you would like a chaperone present, please do not hesitate to ask, they are always available.  

Our GPs do not treat children under the age of 18 without parents or guardians present. According to the GMC, at 16, a young person can be presumed to have the capacity to consent to treatment without a chaperone, however it is the policy of Family First GP to always have a chaperone or parent present for the 16-18 age group.


Chaperones are also important for patients over 18. Where treatment may require a patient to remove some articles of clothing, or when examination is required of a private part of the body, the situation can potentially be distressing for the patient. It is important for the patient to know that they are being treated carefully and clinically and for an impartial, trained chaperone to safe guard this. The General Medical Council (GMC) guidance states that a relative or friend of the patient is not an impartial observer and so would not usually be a suitable chaperone. Family First GP does not allow friends or relatives of clinicians to chaperone patients as we consider this could also lack impartiality.

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